above: the Editor's 1975 Montesa V75 towards the end of restoration 2019.
Machine purchased unrestored 2004, raced to Championship 2005, rebuilt 2012 • restoration delayed till 2019

above: Trans-Am action, with Jim Conway (Kramer Maico) and me chasing Lydell's Raphael's 76 CR250.

why is it called the Thread Chaser ?

When the Machine arrived from California there was a real black widow under the gas tank. I thought I should name to the race bike the Black Widow, but everyone has done this, so I thought maybe I'd use the latin name. Latrodectus Hesperus is the Western Black Widow- so I decided on just Hesperus. (the Evening Star in Greek mythology)

But every race weekend Lenny would call up and say Are you bringing Asparagus? ha ha ha Three times, and I said OK, nevermind; I'm changing it.

So thread chaser incorporates Spider + Industrial + Racing, as thread has a double meaning, as does chaser.



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